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March 17, 2018


Tees That Make a Difference

Clever Belle is thrilled to be partnering with PROJECTZAWADI to help Tanzanian children achieve their educational goals and live fulfilling and productive lives.  Clever Belle will donate $2 to PROJECTZAWADI for each Jane Goodall and Malala Yousafzai t-shirt sold between November 1st-November 20th.*

*All donations received from Nov 1-20 also receive a 25% match from Access 2 Tanzania.

To learn more about Project Zawadi’s history and mission, please visit www.projectzawadi.org.  

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Featured Clever Belle: Dee Dee Fanning

She's the founder and CEO of Letz Talk Inc., communication tools that build confidence in children.  She shares her personal story with Clever Belle, and some great tips for having meaningful conversations with your child beyond the routine question...."How was your day?"

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Enter to win these amazing prizes!

Four Clever Belle T-shirts of your choice!  Inspiring tees for girls and women. Clever Belle tees remind girls they can build, create, dream, and become anything they want to be when they grow up.  Whether that's an activist like Malala Yousafzai, or a primatologist like Jane Goodall! 

Strong Selfie Burst Box full of valuable products for what every girl between the ages of 12-17 needs to grow up strong and confident.  The BLOOM(box) features products that align with our mission and help girls develop their  [four corners of self(ie) strength] - smart(ie), health(ie), funn(ie), and beaut(ie).

Letz Talk Mailbox, Magnets and a 1 Hour Parent Coaching Session!  A fun and innovative way that helps build confidence and self-esteem in children and teens through communication. The Caremail Mailbox includes 40 cards (intriguing questions, motivational message and challenges), 10 blank cards, 10 write-on cards and 10 envelopes. Providing the time to connect through communication is the most powerful tool we have. 


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Hudsyn Toppenberg

After you read her interview and visit her blog, you'll never under estimate how a 9-year-old can impact the world.  She has traveled abroad to bring clean water to people in need, attended the United Nations, raised money for a natural disaster, and is honoring Eleanor Roosevelt's legacy of human rights for all. And that's just a few of her favorite things! Hudsyn has a big heart and shares deep, meaningful, wisdom well beyond her years. 

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Meet Shannon Webster, 2017 Ms. Wheelchair Illinois. Shannon is an inspiration to us for her determination to help others and her steadfast pursuit of her dreams! Diagnosed with cerebral palsy with spastic dysplasia when she was 2 years old, Shannon never put limits on what she could accomplish in life. She works as a Recruiting Programs Specialist at Exelon in Chicago where she is able to empower others and foster a spirit of inclusion for all people with disabilities in the workplace. Shannon also serves as a mentor for other people with disabilities to show them that they too can graduate from college and have a job in corporate America or do whatever it is they want to do with their life. We are excited to share her words of wisdom with all Clever Belles.

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My Leap of Faith Journey

Written by a Clever Belle and Co-Founder, Cindy Tank-Murphy

Many friends and family members have asked me, “What was that trip you took last summer to San Diego?”  It’s something that is hard to explain.  I tell them it was a woman leadership workshop, but that doesn’t really describe it, because I have attended many leadership workshops but never walked away this transformed.  I have no other way of describing it other than calling it my “leap of faith journey", because it started with making a conscious decision to listen to my intuition and allow it to guide me. 

In order to explain it better we must go back in time, because I would have never imagined that from my darkest pain, I’d begin a journey that would transform my life and lead to personal growth far greater than I’d ever experienced.

It was early July 2014, that our family gathered to celebrate my youngest sister and her family returning from Arizona for a visit.  We spent the weekend eating, laughing, reminiscing, and dreaming of starting a family business.  Little did we know, that weekend would be the last time we’d see our father.  He passed away suddenly only a few weeks after our family gathering.

The next six months were spent in shock, anger, sadness, and disbelief over his loss and the realization that our mother needed us more than ever.  We sold everything my parents ever owned, including the home we grew up in, packed up Mom’s sentimental belongings in a U-Haul truck, and brought her to live with us.  She would no longer have one place to call home, but instead lean on each of us for her physical, emotional, and financial support.
As the new year rolled around, my siblings and I began to dream again about our business idea that began that July weekend.  There was something magical about the idea of knowing that our father, a once self-employed businessman, would have been so proud of us.  So that spring our start-up, Clever Belle, was born.

By summer we had successfully funded our Kickstarter campaign, and we produced our first run of t-shirts.  Our website was up and running on August 23, 2015, our parent’s 46th wedding anniversary.  Our idea has always been simple - Encourage young girls and women to aspire to become whatever they desire, and to see themselves as beautiful inside and out.  

At the start of 2016, things were moving along with Clever Belle, but I was having a hard time juggling home, career, and a start-up business. I took a leap of faith when I made the decision to listen to my heart and let my intuition guide me.  After spending twenty plus years in the corporate world, I decided it was time to leave.  Less than a month after ending my corporate career, I received an email about a female leadership event in San Diego that coming summer, in which the event would be recorded for a web series. My intuition told me I needed to go even though my mind was saying, “Are you crazy? A reality show? Pushing your limits and public speaking?”  This was not something I’d ever done before, but I was willing to put myself out there in hopes of connecting with other influential business women.  So finally I just let go and said yes.  I figured I had nothing to lose.

I was mistaken. I had to lose my comfort.  I had to lose my personal space.  I had to lose my inhibition.  I had to become vulnerable in order to gain something much greater and powerful!  I learned some of the most valuable life lessons with thirty complete strangers over the course of eight days.  So to all those friends and family members who asked, “What was that trip you took last summer to San Diego?” I hope this video explains it better.


     Meet Khloe Thompson, a 9-year-old girl with a big heart and generous spirit. Khloe serves her Los Angeles community by giving Kare Bags to those who are less fortunate.  She sews the bags herself, along with some help from her grandmother, and fills them with supplies like toothpaste and soap. Khloe’s vision is to “make the world a better place, by showing ALL of [her] neighbors that they are loved and cared for, no matter what their situation is.”

Watch her inspiring video here and then read her Clever Belle interview below.  Khloe wants other kids to know that they can make a difference in their communities too!  

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Clever Belle is excited to introduce you to Sarah Spain, a reporter for SportsCenter and a rising star at ESPN.  Sarah is an athlete, entertainer, and a strong voice for women.  Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your inspiring message with us!

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Clever Belle is excited to introduce you to Maggie Hendricks, a journalist who writes for USA Today Sports, and previously worked for Yahoo Sports and NBC Chicago.  She has some wise words to share about stepping out of your comfort zone and pursuing your passion despite obstacles.  Thank you, Maggie, for sharing your inspiring message with us!

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