Tees That Make a Difference

Clever Belle is thrilled to be partnering with PROJECTZAWADI to help Tanzanian children achieve their educational goals and live fulfilling and productive lives.  Clever Belle will donate $2 to PROJECTZAWADI for each Jane Goodall and Malala Yousafzai t-shirt sold between November 1st-November 20th.*

*All donations received from Nov 1-20 also receive a 25% match from Access 2 Tanzania.

To learn more about Project Zawadi’s history and mission, please visit www.projectzawadi.org.  

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Hudsyn Toppenberg

After you read her interview and visit her blog, you'll never under estimate how a 9-year-old can impact the world.  She has traveled abroad to bring clean water to people in need, attended the United Nations, raised money for a natural disaster, and is honoring Eleanor Roosevelt's legacy of human rights for all. And that's just a few of her favorite things! Hudsyn has a big heart and shares deep, meaningful, wisdom well beyond her years. 

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On October 1st, 2016 from 10:00am until 1:30pm The Alive Center of Naperville and Clever Belle educated mothers and daughters in a variety of talks, activities and mini workshops including topics covering: Giving Back and Community Service, Bullying & Friendships for all ages, Self Advocacy- finding your voice, Self Love and Confidence, Dynamic Women Careers, Finding what makes you come alive, Social Media for Parents & Kids, Brilliantly Beautiful Project by Clever Belle, Health and Beauty, & Healthy light lunch and snacks

At the end of the day participants gathered for a NEVER seen before Girl & Women empowerment fashion show. What we wear speaks volumes about us! This fashion show featured girls and women age 8 and up. They wore Clever Belle inspiring tees, but the focus was not only about the fashion. More importantly the girls and women were revered for their unique interests, hobbies, careers, and aspirations --Girls and women who "dare to be rare" including a teen professional dancer and Instagram star, women firefighters, a police officer, a doctor an engineer, scientist, construction worker and a CEO under 30 just to name a few.

They were all aspirations of young ladies we met over the past weekend at Naperville's Last Fling! We at Clever Belle were inspired by the many girls who stopped by our tent. We enjoyed hearing their stories and learning about how they are pursuing their dreams. They inspired us to add to our already growing list of future shirt designs! Their passion was contagious and definitely rubbed off on us.

It was a pleasure talking with two girlfriends who were excited to tell us about their passions. One of them showed us photos of her motocross dirt bike, which she races competitively, while the other explained how she just landed her first part in a theatre production. They had such enthusiasm and represent the true essence of Clever Belle.  

The same day, a football player from a local junior high school stopped by to chat with us. We loved her spirit and we're confident she inspires girls around her to do the things they love. She's setting a great example for others.

When we met a mother and daughter who loved our "I Love Science" tee, we thought it would be fun to ask the daughter about her favorite lab experiment. We didn't expect to learn that she loves quantum physics! Super impressed with her knowledge of this subject at her young age.

Many parents were eager to tell us how proud they are of their brilliant daughters. One father purchased the Malala shirt for his daughter, because she writes positive quotes and hangs them on her locker. Her principal has taken notice and asked her to provide quotes for the morning announcements. Another father and daughter were admiring our "Music" tee, when she pointed out that the image uses positive and negative space. She's absolutely right!  

And how could we forget the six year old who kept leaving her mother's side to come spin our prize wheel. "You're her favorite booth here," her mom told us. We could go on and on about the stories shared with us; so many passions from bakers to dancers to writers. Thank you to all our fans!  If you weren’t able to make it to the festival, please check out our website at www.cleverbelle.com  for the latest news, updates, and shirts for sale!

We have been busy here at Clever Belle. Back in June, we reached our goal on Kickstarter thanks to all of our fans who supported us. And now onto the next milestone…our website has launched, so now everyone can purchase a Clever Belle tee! Shop now at www.cleverbelle.com

We want to thank all of our Clever Belle fans for all your support and patience with us as we delivered our shirts from our Kickstarter campaign. We are thrilled to begin this new journey of selling our merchandise online. Oh, and don’t forget to spread the great news about Clever Belle to your friends and family too!

Cindy, Jenny, Krisy and Jason