Clever Belle is excited to introduce you to Sarah Spain, a reporter for SportsCenter and a rising star at ESPN.  Sarah is an athlete, entertainer, and a strong voice for women.  Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your inspiring message with us!

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Clever Belle is excited to introduce you to Maggie Hendricks, a journalist who writes for USA Today Sports, and previously worked for Yahoo Sports and NBC Chicago.  She has some wise words to share about stepping out of your comfort zone and pursuing your passion despite obstacles.  Thank you, Maggie, for sharing your inspiring message with us!

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Another great opportunity Clever Belle brings to young girls is our Educational Material Blog with monthly editions focused around one of our 5 themes: Sports, Nature and Environment, Art and Music, Volunteerism, and Education/STEM.  Activities may include: printable games, arts and crafts, science experiments, girl empowerment articles, surveys and interest inventories, crosswords and puzzles, scavenger hunts, and so much more!!  Each educational themed based activity can be done independently or with a family member(s) too!  We hope these educational blogs will help Clever Belles search for new interests and maybe even a newfound passion in Sports, Nature, the Arts, Volunteerism, or the Sciences.  So stay tuned and make sure to check our website out frequently at for the latest news, updates, educational materials, and shirts for sale!

Our first educational material is the Matching Card Game: Sports Edition

This fun and interactive game allows girls to explore the endless sports that female athletes pursue.  It gives girls the idea that there is no sport that girls can’t do and if they believe it, they can achieve it!  They will discover birthdates, hometowns, education, accomplishments, personal life, and a fun fact of each female athlete from past and present.  So grab a partner and have some fun!