Hey Clothing Designers! Don’t Limit Our Children

Clever Belle ClothesWithoutLimits

Every parent knows the best way to set their child up for success is to give them the tools they need to make good choices and develop a strong sense of self. Why not encourage their personal growth through a fun and creative shirt they can wear every day?

Have you ever struggled to find clothing for your imaginative, tree climbing, bug collector who prefers to wear things that aren’t pink and glittery? It’s hard to believe there aren’t more options for girls who like to wear clothing beyond princesses, rainbows and unicorns. Girls are much more multi-faceted than the apparel industry gives them credit. While more companies are trying to address gender bias, there are still too few clothing companies that design imaginative and creative clothing options for girls who want to succeed in a real career instead of marrying into royalty.

Clever Belle has joined a unique organization changing the rules in apparel for girls. #ClothesWithoutLimits proudly recognizes like-minded companies who embrace the spirit of comradery and whose mission is to break down the gender stereotypes in the clothing industry today.

#ClothesWithoutLimits is a campaign founded by ten small businesses who care about the messages kids see when they shop for clothes. There is a definite divide in apparel themes when it comes to boys and girls clothing.  This group believes that the stark differences send a wrong message to children about what it means to be a boy or girl. The group’s campaign is to support children for who they are, who they want to become and not limit them based on the images, themes and styles many big brands routinely support.

To join the #ClothesWithoutLimits campaign and learn more about these progressive small apparel companies, visit online at www.clotheswithoutlimits.com

Clever Belle
Clever Belle


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